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9 Social Media Tools Recommended by Marketing Pros

Are you looking for new social media tools?

Want to know what the experts are using?

In this article you’ll discover nine social media tools to save you time and improve your marketing efforts.

#1: Schedule Repins Using BoardBooster

Use BoardBooster to schedule Pinterest. There are several features which you can use daily within BoardBooster, one of the favorite is the “looping” ability.

This feature lets you set a board to repin an older pin from that board, and then delete the original pin or the new pin based on which one performed better.

boardbooster feature
This allows you to keep each of your boards active daily while repinning great stuff. I pinned it the first time, so I know it’s good!

#2: Create Weekly Reports With Rival IQ

Use Rival IQ to track competitors and analyze the results of social media marketing. It’s become a vital tool for weekly reporting.

Every week, Rival IQ emails you a PowerPoint to show how your social media accounts are performing, how this compares to your competitors, any changes competitors are making and“breakout posts.”

rivaliq feature

Rival IQ makes reporting and competitor research easy.

For example, You will get notified if a competitor changes their profile information on their accounts or if one of their posts gets a lot more likes, shares and comments than other posts.

#3: Automate Evergreen Updates Using Revive Old Post

One of the new tool is the WordPress plugin Revive Old Post.

Install it and the plugin will pull from all of your existing blog posts and post them randomly to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts automatically.

Use it and you don’t have to worry about scheduling any of your latest or evergreen blog posts on social media at all anymore. Set it up and watch the traffic flow on automation.

#4: Access Images Everywhere With Google Photos

Install Google Photos on every computer and device that you own, then select the free option (up to 16 megabyte file size), and Google Photos will upload every picture it finds on your devices. It even works some magic and uploads a version of any RAW images it finds!

Some fantastic consequences include:

  • Automatically back up all of your pictures to the Cloud.
  • Move photos from one device to another.

google photos app list

  • Google Photos takes its best shot to make animations, stories and collages. It helps you “rediscover this day” from years ago and helps you view pictures you probably would never have seen again. Think of all of those baby pictures! The results are delightful.
  • Search through your photos by faces and topics. For example, if You search “track,” I don’t have to add other keywords for the results to show images from railroads and track meets.

And remember, it’s all free. The only reason not to do this is if you’ve lost your mind.

#5: Broadcast Live Calls to Action on Periscope

Periscope is a great social media marketing tool which allows you to connect with your audience, invite them into your world and provide on-the-spot value anytime and from anywhere – live!

Not only can you jump on and provide free, valuable content with the push of a button (think live Q&As or sharing lessons learned), you’re also able to leverage Periscope to make announcements, ask your audience questions, get feedback on ideas and invite people to things.

#6: Increase Related Posts’ Visibility With Contextly

Contextly makes it extremely easy to create and display three different types of related post widgets on your blog in less than a minute of your time!

The first widget is positioned below your blog post content, and the second, called the Sliderail, goes into your sidebar.

It’s favorite feature, though, is the In-Story module. This widget exposes your related content to those who don’t scroll down to the bottom of your page.

contextly in-story module

With a single click in WordPress, you decide where and how to display this widget and which posts you want it to serve (if you don’t want to rely on Contextly’s algorithms).

Contextly also allows you to feature promo links for newsletter subscriptions, ebook downloads or webinar announcements inside your recommendation widgets.

Contextly is a paid service and the fee is based on your website traffic, but once you understand the potential ROI, I believe it’s a small price to pay.

#7: Chat With Blog Visitors Using Zopim

Zopim is a live website chat tool that lets you monitor blog visitors and engage with them via a real-time chat.

To use it, you simply embed the widget onto your website. You can then:

  • Chat with your customers via mobile or desktop.
  • Track your customers and add visitor notes.
  • View visitors by location, browser platform and device.
  • Chat in different languages. Zopim even detects and translates in foreign languages!

Zopim, compatible with iPhone or Android mobile devices, offers a free 14-day trial.

#8: Design Social Media Images With Pablo

Pablo 2.0 is a free app from Buffer that allows you to create engaging social media images in less than 30 seconds.

You can choose specific dimensions when you post to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The best part is that your images aren’t branded, unlike with other software out there.

#9: Socialize Broadcasting With Blab.im

While platforms like Periscope and Meerkat are great for broadcasting one-to-many, Blab makes social media truly social again by adding a conversational component.

Simply launch the site or app and you’re watching conversation take place; conversations you can participate in.

With its ease-of-use, intuitive interface and an iOS app to make blabbing on the go simple, content creators of all kinds are leveraging this powerful tool to engage others and build community.

blab broadcast screenshot

More creative types are hosting their own shows, and some are using the platform to record their podcasts. For example, I’ve been broadcasting the Joel Comm Show on Blab.im for live viewing and uploading to YouTube for replays.

Apart from meeting others at a live event, Blab is the closest we can get to being face to face with others.

Source Via: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/9-social-media-tools-recommended-by-marketing-pros/


44 Social Media Marketing Tools For Every Business

Social Media Marketing has become a very critical & unavoidable part of every marketing campaign these days. It’s effectiveness is proven for all sizes of business. However, as your brand & user base grows across multiple social platforms, it becomes really difficult to manage multiple SMO campaigns at higher level.

Variety of Social Media Marketing Tools comes very handy in such situation.

You still have to create high quality content manually (no excuse for that) but these tools can literally take care of many other tasks with highest efficiency and improve your productivity dramatically.

Based on features & ability to perform certain tasks, we have selected these 44 Social Media Marketing Tools that are widely used in market. Let’s have a look at each of them with details:

Social Media Management Tools

These tools allows you to manage small, big & enterprise size SMO campaigns from single application. These are built for individuals & teams to collaborate on multiple projects.



Enhance your social media management with HootSuite, the leading social media dashboard. Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign results.

Features: Management, Marketing, Social Selling, Customer Service, Team Collaboration


  • Free
  • Pro: $8.99/mo
  • Enterprise: on request



Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you’re reading. Keep your Buffer topped up and they automagically share posts for you through the day.

Features: Schedule posts, Short links, Share buttons, Multiple Networks & Profiles


  • Free
  • Personal: $10/mo
  • Business: $50/mo and more


Sprout SocialSprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence – It’s a management & engagement platform for social businesses.

Features: Engage, Publish, Analyze, Monitor, Social CRM, Collaborate, Help Desk


  • Deluxe: $59/mo
  • Premium: $99/mo
  • Team: $500/mo


SocialOomphSocial Oomph

Boost your social media productivity — it doesn’t have to be a manual time-consuming process! Easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity!

Features: Schedule posts, Find audience, Follow back, RSS to social post, Submit via email


  • Free: 7 days
  • Pro: $36/mo
  • Twitter Only: $14/mo


WildFire AppWildfire App

Wildfire provides powerful, easy-to-use social media marketing tools for pages, messages, ads, promotions, monitoring, analytics and more.

Features: Social landing pages, Promotions, Ads, Social messaging, Social analytics, Campaigns, Team collaboration, Monitor & respond


  • Not disclosed, available on request



Measure your social ROI, identify leads and integrate into existing marketing tools with Viralheat’s unified marketing suite.

Features: Monitor, Analyze, Publish, Sentiments, Workflow Management, Understand Social Leads, Compliance


  • 5 profiles: $9.99/mo
  • 20 profiles: $29.99/mo
  • 40 profiles: 89.99/mo



Netvibes is the all-in-one dashboard intelligence platform for real-time social media monitoring, social analytics, brand sentiment, reputation management, team management, company intranets and community portals.

Features: Monitor, Share, Search, Track, Tagging, Alerts, Analytics, Push publishing


  • Basic: free
  • VIP: 2 €/mo
  • Premium: $649/mo
  • Team: on request



Postling is your all-in-one inbox for all social activity about your business. Read and respond to comments left on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other major social networks.

Features: Social inbox, Scheduled publishing, Reply by email, Reputation management, Suggestion engine


  • 5 accounts: $10/mo
  • Additional: $3/account/mo



CrowdBooster measures and optimizes your social media marketing, providing powerful, easy-to-use analytics and recommendations on Twitter and Facebook.

Features: Schedule posts, Find, engage & follow, Sharing & collaboration


  • Bronze: $9/mo
  • Silver: $49/mo
  • Gold: $119/mo


Social FlowSocialFlow

SocialFlow uses Real-Time data and business rules to determine what and when to publish to your social media properties for both owned and paid social posts.

Features: Optimize, Streamline, Promote, Content support, Engagement, Auto publishing at relevant time


  • Available on request


HubSpot’s Social InboxHubSpot

HubSpot’s Social Inbox plugs into your contacts database, color-codes your customers and leads, helps you prioritize your engagement, and delivers real social ROI.

Features: Social InBox, Socialmonitoring, Smart publishing, Manage content, Social ROI


  • Basic: $200/mo
  • Pro: $800/mo
  • Enterprise: $2,400/mo


Social Media Monitoring Tools

These tools particularly help in monitoring your brand in the social world. Real time mentions & discussions about your brand allows you to quickly & directly connect with your audience & maintain your brand reputation by engaging in dialog with them.



Media monitoring made easy with Mention. Create alerts for your name, brand, competitors and be informed in real-time of any mention on the web and social networks

Features: Monitor in real time, React to mentions, Analyze stats, Work in team


  • Starter: 29 € /mo
  • Growth: 99 € /mo
  • Company: 299 € /mo


Social MentionSocialMention

Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and microblogging services.

Feature: Search in real time, Analyze


  • FREE


Social SeekingSocial Seeking

It is a search engine of social networks that searches user-generated content such as news, videos and images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Features: Real time search


  • FREE


How SociableHowSociable

It is a free social media monitoring tool that helps you to measure and track your brand’s magnitude via 36 social media metrics.

Features: Measure mentions, Monitor online reputation


  • Free: 12 metrics
  • Basic: $9/ 3 months
  • Plus: $19/ 3 months
  • Max: $99/ 3 months


Ice RocketIceRocket

IceRocket is an Internet search engine which specializes in real-time search. It returns results results from blogs, twitter & facebook.

Features: Mention search, Trend tool


  • Free


SocialBakersSocial Bakers

Socialbakers is a popular provider of social media analytic tools, statistics and metrics for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Features: Social analytics, Content builder, Social listening, Ad analytics, Deep analysis for FB, Twitter, YouTube & G+


  • Varies from $120/mo to $1,000/mo & more


Nutshell MailNutshell Mail

Nutshell Mail helps you in saving time for monitoring & managing Facebook, Twitter & more. A free summary of your social media activity — delivered to your email inbox on your schedule.

Features: Social updates in email, Mentions, Likes, Comments, Rating & reviews from local websites as well


  • Free


Heart Beat by SysomosHeart Beat

Heartbeat is one-stop solution for Social Media Tracking, Manage Conversations, Workflow on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc..

Features: Monitor conversation, Measure metrics, Engage with influencers


  • Start from $500/mo


Social SearcherSocial Searcher

It’s a Real-Time Monitoring tool for social media with Analytics and Email Alerts. Twitter, Google+ and Facebook Search Without Logging in.

Features: Live updates, Detailed analytics, Sentiment


  • Free: 2 email alerts
  • Basic: 3.49 € /mo
  • Standard: 8.49 € /mo
  • Professional: 19.49 € /mo


SocialPointerSocial Pointer

Social Pointer is Real-Time Social Media Marketing Tool. This tools enables you to monitor your brand, listen to the conversation, and respond in real time.

Features: Monitor, Listen, Respond


  • Free


Social Media Reporting Tools

When it comes to social media, data is the key. In most cases there is so much of data related to your customers, demographics, bran mentions, cross channel application and signals – that it becomes impossible to make any sense out of this much information. These tools make your life easier by presenting all the data in easily consumable manner.


Simply MeasuredSimply-Measured

Simply Measured’s leading social media analytics provide in-depth measurement and reporting across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more.

Features: Analysis & bench marking, Monitoring & research, Detailed reports


  • Social: $500/mo
  • Professional: $800/mo
  • Enterprise: available on demand


Raven ToolsRaven Tools

Get more done with nimble social media reporting. Deliver social media reports that prove value and get the recognition you deserve.

Features: Management, Brand monitoring, Social matrix, Conversation tracking, Team collaboration


  • Pro: $99/mo
  • Agency: $249/mo


Social ReportSocial Report

Social Report is social and web analytics dashboard, a place where you can track all of your social accounts, networks, websites, short links, and blogs.

Features: Analytics, Publisher, Buzz discovery, Team management


  • Starter: $9/mo
  • Standard: $39/mo
  • Advance: $79/mo
  • Pro: $159/mo



Locowise is the professional’s comprehensive social media analytics and reporting tool of choice for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more.

Features: Social metrics, Content analysis, Benchmarking, Publishing schedule


  • Insights: $120/mo
  • Advance: $300/mo
  • Pro: $400/mo



Cyfe enables you to monitor brand mentions, track number of Twitter followers over time, view Facebook demographics, and more.

Features: Social media dashboard, Overview, Analytics, Demographics


  • Free
  • $19/mo



Powerful social media management, monitoring and analytics software, chosen by brands all over the world to efficiently engage with their social customers.

Features: Monitor social web, Real time engagement, Analytics & reporting, Teamwork, Publishing, Workflow automation, Social CRM


  • Basic: €500/mo
  • Professional: €1500/mo
  • Enterprise: €3000/mo



Sendible is a social media management, monitoring & analytics platform that helps companies manage their social media presence more efficiently.

Features: Engage with social inbox, Mention monitor, Social CRM, Measure efforts, Multi Posting, Reputation management


  • Solo: $9.99/mo
  • Startup: $39.99/mo
  • Business: $69.99/mo
  • Corporate: $99.99/mo
  • Premium: $499.99/mo



Talkwalker is one of the most powerful search & analytics engines for Social Media – click here to access the free social search & analytics !

Features: Monitor mentions, Alerts, Analyze campaigns, Benchmark & compare, Reporting


  • Free
  • Basic: 500€/mo
  • Corporate: 1000€/mo
  • Enterprise: 2200€/mo


Social Media Analytics Tools

Rather then performing a certain task, these tools are more useful for number crunching & data analysis. You can take some critical decision about your SMO campaigns based on the insights presented by these tools. All major social network platforms offer in-built analytics data which gives in-depth analysis of your account.


Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Social reports inside GA help you measure the impact that social media has on your business goals and conversions. Integrated web and social data provides a holistic view of your content and community.

Features: Network referrals, Social conversion, Landing pages, Social user flow


  • Free


Google+ Page AnalyticsGoogle Plus

Platform Insights features analytics with in-depth data about the health of your Google+ Sign-In integration. From measuring user growth to visualizing the viral spread of interactive posts, Platform Insights helps uncover trends and optimize your integration for improved acquisition and engagement.

Features: Users, Post views, Clicks & CTRs


  • Free


FaceBook Insightsfacebook-insights

By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners and Platform developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook.

Features: General page matrix, Page performance, Likes, reach, clicks, Comments, Engagement, Demographics


  • Free


Pinterest Business AnalyticsPinterest

With Pinterest Analytics, see what people like from your profile and what they save from your website. Get new data about your audience, too, so you can learn what your customers really want.

Features: Know which pins are working, who are the people saving from your website, audience demographics, device they use, and more.


  • Free


Twitter AnalyticsTwitter

Measure and boost your impact on Twitter. Measure engagement and learn how to make your Tweets more successful, explore the interests, locations, and demographics of your followers.

Features: Tweeted activity, Followers, Twitter cards


  • Free



Trackur is a social media monitoring tool designed to assist companies and PR professionals in tracking what is said about brands on the internet.

Features: Analytics & insights, Brand buzz, Influence & sentiment


  • Plus: $97/mo
  • Premium: 197/mo
  • Ultimate: $477/mo



uberVU is a real-time social media marketing platform that shows brands what they need to know, now.

Features: Emerging trends & topics, Real time conversation, Schedule responses, Smart schedule, Find & connect influencers, Sharing volume & stats Sentiment level


  • Starts at $499 & more



QuintlyQuintly is the social media analytics and benchmarking tool for professionals. Track and measure Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn & Instagram.

Features: Track, Benchmark, Optimize, Centralized analytics


  • Pro: $99/mo
  • Pro Plus: $199/mo
  • Agency: $399/mo


Social Media Crowd Promotion Tools

Although it’s always good to execute your social promotions in a natural way, many business owners & marketers prefer to use crowd promotion platforms to boost their social media visibility. If done in proper way, it can get you rapid exposure in your niche and boost your search engine rankings as well. But sometimes you might end up with high ratio of irrelevant and low quality audience on your social profiles, which never converts to lead or customer.

Important Note: Search engines started to track down & punish reciprocal links before few years. Similarly, it’s going to detect reciprocal social activity in near future for sure. Thus, it’s advised to use these services with caution.


Common Features: Social promotion, Boost social presence & reach

FaceBook: Get more likes, shares & followers

Twitter: Get more tweets, re-tweets & favorites

Google Plus: Get more likes, comment & shares

Price: Works on number of credit you buy, you can use each credit to get certain number of likes, follower or shares.

Viral Content Buzz

Add Me Fast


Social Clerk



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Here we are, with 44 most popular Social Media Marketing Tools & their details. Choose the one that fits in your marketing objectives & budget.

Search engines are now giving very high importance to social signals & it’s actually being used to judge the quality of your content & website, which ultimately results in Higher Search Engine Rankings & more exposure for your website – both on Social Networks &  in SERP Results as well.

Via Source: http://www.clickmatix.com/blog/social-media-marketing-tools/