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Top 20 Facebook Promotion Apps to Improve Your Engagement

Via: http://upcity.com/blog/2014/09/top-20-facebook-promotion-apps-to-improve-your-engagement/


Facebook’s enormous user base is both beneficial and a hindrance to your marketing capabilities. On the one hand, it has a massive market to target, making it easy for your business’s Facebook Page to cultivate a loyal audience. With more than 1 billion Facebook users, this comes as little surprise.

On the other hand, however, you might have to compete with so many other businesses that your content gets lost in the shuffle. As I’m sure you’ve heard, News Feeds had problems showing timely posts as they are more regularly dominated by older stories.

Whatever the case may be, it’s very likely you’re going to need more proactive means in order to exist as more than a blip on your potential customers’ radars. Facebook Ads are already a cost efficient way to show up in users’ News Feeds. Another way to get heard on social media is to use Facebook promotion applications to increase your Facebook Page’s presence. They generally do a great job in raising awareness about your content.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the best Facebook promotion apps you can use for your Page. Here we go!

  • Agora Pulse – Welcome to Agora Pulse, the complete toolbox for Facebook and Twitter! This platform allows you to engage fans with easily customizable promotion applications.
  • Antavo – Antavo makes attracting and keeping customers easy and fun! This platform instantly makes contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways available to you. Take a tour or try it free!
  • ContactTab – ContactTab allows for a direct contact form for fans to send messages to your business.
  • Fan of the Week – Ready to choose your Fan of the Week? This application likes and nets you more fans, encouraging everyone who supports your brand to participate.
  • Fanappz – Fanappz give you the power to turn fans into loyal customers. Launch a viral campaign, a trivia game, and more by choosing from an assortment of promotion apps from within the Fanappz suite.
  • FenixApps – Looking for a platform that offers community managers something special? FenixApps provides four different applications to raise your Page’s visibility!
  • GroSocial – How fast can you create a giveaway? We’re betting not less than 60 seconds. GroSocial is used by more than 50,000 businesses creating Facebook promotions with ease!
  • Heyo – Heyo is one of the easiest ways to create campaigns for Facebook! Best of all, they are mobile-optimized, guaranteeing your potential customers see your promotion while sitting at a desk or on the go.
  • Hi! Social – Hi! Social transforms your online visitors into customers using gamification, promotional banners, and competitions. The simple creation process has you attracting new fans in no time.
  • Kontest – Games, quizzes, photo contests, and more are here! Kontest helps you liven up your page, collect valuable data on your fans, and analyze your efficiency for improved performance.
  • Livechat – Livechat allows you to chat with your fans more easily and increase engagement. Your fans can interact with your Livechat-enabled site through Facebook, making for more serviceable communication.
  • MarketingGum – You’re about to create your most successful promotion yet! MarketingGum creates promotions that stick, with any format (quiz, contest, contact form) you want.
  • Pagemodo – Make your own customizable Facebook Page with Pagemodo. Post visually stunning updates and content to make your brand stand apart from other News Feed information.
  • Promojam – You can generate leads, collect user data, and BE SOCIAL with Promojam! There’s no code to hassle you with the setup, and affordable pricing makes the ROI even more attractive.
  • PromoSimple – PromoSimple’s fully-customizable Facebook tools enables you to make sweepstakes and contests on the fly! Choose from a variety of custom designs and get started (free of charge; no credit card required!).
  • SocialAppsHQ – SocialAppsHQ has everything you need to communicate with and engage fans! This platform has the largest collection of apps and quick configuration with your Page.
  • Static HTML – The Static HTML app by Timothy Mensing and Jason Padvorac that helps your customize your own page tabs. Give it a whirl!
  • Tabsite – Tabsite crafts powerful promotions for Facebook and mobile platforms. This platform powers more than 100,00 businesses in their promotion efforts with applications designed to incite engagement.
  • Tapfusion – Tapfusion creates a vast array of apps for your Facebook Fan Page. Unlimited fans are at your fingertips when you employ the simple integration and speedy service of Tapfusion!
  • Votigo – Votigo provides top notch Facebook sweepstakes applications! Upon entering a sweepstakes competition, your fans have that much more incentive to spread awareness about your business.

Phew, those were a lot of applications! We hope you’ve enjoying listing them out with us. Keep us notified of any Facebook promotion apps we should post up to help keep our list accurate!


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