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Top 20 SEO and Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To

20 SEO and Marketing PodcastsThere’s a lot of content out there you can get knowledge from. Using infographics and white papers, newsletters and blogs, there’s a number ways and endless resources you have at your disposal. However, another way of consuming content is often neglected; listening to podcasts. Although visual content takes most of the spotlight, podcasts are some of the most versatile, simply because it enables you to absorb knowledge without having to stare at a screen.

We all know there are a lot of good podcasts out there, but finding quality takes work (especially where marketing and SEO are concerned). We’ve scoured the web looking for the absolute best sources for you to listen to. Whether it’s live weekly shows or podcasts that highlight experts, we’ve got you covered here!

Turn up the volume and put on your headphones: here are the top 20 SEO and marketing podcasts you can learn from!

  • BKC Podcast – Get personal branding wisdom from the guests on the BKC Podcast! Bernard Kevin Clive runs the show with the best personal branding tips on the web.
  • Content Warfare Podcast – Ryan Handley shares the secrets to success in content marketing with his terrific podcast! Listen as he interviews some of the most prolific content creators on the net.
  • Conversations – The True Voice Media Podcast – Jeff Gibbard runs the True Voice Media podcast, bringing on some of the most spectacular guests in marketing. Topics such as entrepreneurship, social media, and PR are discussed.
  • Digital Marketing Podcast – Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers host one of the web’s best podcasts on digital marketing. For anyone interested in this space, their podcast should not be missed.
  • Duct Tape Marketing – Hear the world’s leading experts on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast with John Jantsch! Small business marketing tips, tactics, and resources are discussed.
  • Edge of the Web Radio – Social media, SEO, online reputation; the list goes on and on! All this and more is covered in the Edge of the Web Radio podcast.
  • Everything Entrepreneurship Podcast – Entrepreneur extraordinaires, Yaro Starak and Walter Haas, host a talk show podcast dedicated to the latest and greatest ways to do entrepreneurship. Learn everything from marketing to email strategy.
  • Marketing Over Coffee – John Wall and Christopher Penn are the hosts of Marketing Over Coffee, an internet radio show that delves into all aspects of marketing, both in the past and future.
  • MIND your Business Podcast – Chad McComsey and David Zimmerman host the MIND Your Business podcast, where they chat about all things search and small business-related.
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast – Spencer Haws runs his own business and brings on the top web professionals on his podcast to show you how to begin the journey!
  • OMReport – Andre Alpar hosts a podcast bringing together the top online marketing experts in the industry. Give this a listen!
  • SEO 101 – Are you new to SEO and looking for a quick tutorial to get up to speed? Ross Dunn and John Carcutt man the SEO 101 podcast, helping beginners as easily as possible without the technical jargon.
  • SEO Dojo Radio – It’s time for SEO Dojo Radio to whip you into tip-top shape for your inbound marketing. Listen to the guys here discuss the marketing topics of the day!
  • SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing – Are you dying to know the secrets behind SEO and internet marketing? Chris Burres and Charles Lewis are here to answer your burning questions in a series of some of the most informative podcasts on the web!
  • The BeanCast™ Marketing Podcast – Join the round table and discuss marketing, advertising, and PR! Bob Knorpp takes about the latest industry news right here.
  • The Content Champion Podcast – Our host, Loz James, heads up the Content Champion Podcast! Learn the proven strategies to take your website and business to the top using content.
  • The Digital Marketing Excellence Show – Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting puts together a podcast every week, bringing you the best tips to make you a more effective online marketer. Topics from blogging to technical SEO is covered in-depth.
  • The Mad Marketing Podcast – Listen to real interviews from the lion’s den! Marcus Sheridan of TheSalesLion.com gives his honest opinion of certain news and trends in the industry with each podcast.
  • Visible HQ SEO Podcast – Make the most of your web optimization with the Visible HQ SEO Podcast. Sean Markey has several SEO experts on to help you gain influence in the SERPs.
  • Web Marketing That Works Podcast – Bluemedia.com.au teaches you web marketing from the best in the business! Learn from the top experts in the world in each interview.

These are just some of our favorite podcast series to listen in on. If you have any other podcast shows you can recommend, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or leave a comment.

Article Source: http://upcity.com/blog/2014/09/top-20-seo-and-marketing-podcasts-you-should-listen-to


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