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Top 20 Platforms For SMBs to Manage PPC

 PPC Management ToolPay-per-click is an internet advertising model in which advertisers (your small business) pays the website owner (in this case, Google or a similar search engine) whenever their ad is clicked through. While this sounds simple enough, it’s actually a lot more complex than it sounds when you get around to managing and bidding for ad spots in your search engine of choice.

What’s your target demographic? Is there a specific age, gender, or education level of your audience? These are the things you have to consider when creating a paid search campaign. Not only that but you have to spend time managing your budget, making sure you’re not overspending or missing opportunities to increase spend on certain ad campaigns based on past performance.

Where humans fail in managing, automation does much better! There are now several platforms to utilize when dealing with PPC management, especially as a small business. In order to help you get better at managing your campaigns, here are the top 20 platforms to oversee PPC for SMBs. Enjoy!

  • Acquisio – Acquisio is the world’s leading platform for Performance Media, allowing you to manage and optimize your ad campaigns across multiple media channels. Save time and start running a more successful business when you give this software a trial!
  • AdCore – Get one centralized location for all of your search engine planning! AdCore lets you set up your automation and optimize your campaign to hit your goals.
  • AdWords Express – Google guarantees that you’ll only pay for results. Set up your first campaign in 15 minutes when you start on the path to getting more leads to your landing page!
  • AgileBid – Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with AgileBid! This affordable service gives you deeper insight into the keywords and ads you aim for.
  • ClickSWEEPER – Smarter bidding strategies, an extended ad network, and more are at your fingertips! ClickSWEEPER offers sophisticated software and simple PPC management.
  • DataPop – Make sure your ads aren’t irrelevant anymore! DataPop offers a top quality product, guaranteeing that your ads perform better and relate much more to your target audience.
  • Finch – Make use of optimization technology to improve your PPC management! Finch has made a platform for ecommerce companies to automate their targeted campaigns.
  • Flimbu – Combine bid optimization, quality score, and search terms in one hub for higher performance. Flimbu allows you to be more productive while increasing your conversion and search growth at the same time.
  • IgnitionOne – Get clearer answers on your budgeting assessments with IgnitionOne. You can also optimize your paid presence on mobile devices and other channels in an instant.
  • Kenshoo – Take advantage of the world’s most advanced ad solutions technology! Kenshoo wants your brand to generate demand across all the channels of media with its innovative technology.
  • Marin Software – Maximize your ROI with this simple, integrated, and robust platform from Marin Software. Companies both big and small can benefit from the resources available from the firm.
  • Optimine – Derive more business value from your ad spending with Optimine! It’s the first SaaS platform that focuses on this exclusively, allowing you to glean tremendous knowledge from each campaign run.
  • PPC Advisor from WordStream – Are you looking for fast software to save you money on your pay-per-click budget? Operate PPC Advisor from WordStream, the smart software that takes your management and knowledge to the next level.
  • PPC BidMax – PPC BidMax is the ultimate tool for working across the various search engines. Test across the various channels so that you can invest in what works.
  • Searchforce – Searchforce is a solid framework of automation giving you the ability to quickly learn from your campaigns and develop new strategies along the way. You’ll get the ROI your business deserves with this neat service.
  • SiteWit – If you don’t have time to invest in learning the ins and outs of PPC, you’ve found the right software! SiteWit allows you to monitor and manage your ads so that you can spend more time growing your business.
  • Synapse – Utilize social intelligence to make better decisions with your marketing! Synapse helps you segment your most valuable customers and distills the data into actionable conclusions.
  • Top Placement Ads – One of the nation’s leading marketing platforms, Top Placement Ads provides some of the best lead generating landing pages and guarantees real views from real users.
  • Wordwatch – Are you looking for an affordably-priced bidding software that delivers results? Wordwatch is incredibly simple and easy to use with little PPC experience necessary.
  • Webtrends – Webtrends gives you support on Facebook retargeting, ad spend optimization, and more! Sift through these robust features when you give this software a shot.

We hope you enjoyed our list of PPC management tools for the average small business owner.

Source: http://upcity.com/blog/2014/07/top-20-platforms-for-smbs-to-manage-ppc/


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