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How to Start a Web Design Project: A Beginner’s Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you looking to design a new website or learn more about the business? Once you land a web design project, no matter how good of a coder you are, there are a few necessary steps to ensure your design meets the needs of your clients. Start by determining the projects objectives and formally agreeing in writing on its scope, budget, deadline and ownership rights. Once you’re ready for the design phase you’ll want to use the site requirements to mock up a layout and intended functionality with a wireframe. Common elements of a wireframe layout for the web include theme, coloring, placement of logos and branding, content locations, search fields, social sharing options and importantly navigation systems and menus. By getting critical feedback at this pre-coding stage and making any necessary tweaks, this greatly increases your chance of getting it right on the first time and avoiding redesign headaches. Try and keep your initial designs intuitive and clutter-free with standout typography to please your clients. Also keep in mind that dark colored themes attract 35% more traffic than light colored ones.

You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with popular content management systems used to build websites like WordPress which can come with an assortment of fancy features and plugins to easily extend your site designs that include everything from spiffy social buttons, shopping carts, live chat and contact forms. Finally after your site is built make sure to run some diagnostic tests to ensure your site is bug free and compatible with most popular browsers and mobile devices.


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